Objects you will find in LaserTank

A basic training level file is available on the Help Page


This is the ground. You can move on it and shoot over it


This is you. You can move in four directions and fire a laser.
Tanks cannot travel over water, and cannot drive through solid objects other than the Flag.


This is the target that you must reach to end each level.


The only thing that can swim in this game are the movable blocks,
every thing else will sink. You can shoot over water.


This type of block can not be shot through, destroyed or moved.


This type of block can be moved by being shot at with a laser.
If it is pushed into water, it will form a bridge.


This type of block can not be destroyed or moved.
You can shoot through it, but anti-tanks can not see you through the crystal block.

This type of block will be destroyed if you shoot it.


These are enemy laser guns that will shoot you if you get in front of them.
If you fire at one of their sides you can push them around; even into water.
If you shoot one of them in the gun barrel without them seeing you, you will destroy them.

These can be used to deflect a laser shot when fired on the mirrored surface.
If you shoot the mirror base, the mirror will move.


These can be used to deflect a laser shot when fired on the mirrored surface.
If you shoot the mirror base, the mirror will rotate clockwise a quarter turn.

These will quickly move your tank from one place to another.
They won't move anything else, i.e., mirrors, blocks and anti-tanks.
You will NOT be able to fire your laser cannon or move while riding on the tank mover.
If you need to shoot something while on them or get off in the middle of one,
then push a block onto the tank movers to stop before you get on it.

Either the tank or any movable object can enter a tunnel.
When you enter one of them you will exit the other end.
There can be up to 8 pair of tunnels, they are designated by their color.
If there is not a matching color tunnel, then do not enter it, it is a black hole.
If there are more than two tunnels with a matching color, then it gets real interesting.


Ice is very slippery.
Anything that can move will slide across the ice until it hits an object.
This includes the tank.


It is just like Ice but once something passes over it, it will turn to water.
The tank can slide over the thin ice without any problems
but there is no standing on thin ice or it will break and you will fall in.

Editor's Instructions

The editor is easy to use. Just click on an object type at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen,
then click in the map screen where you want the object to be placed.
You can also use the right button to select a second object and place it on the map.
You can save your level in a file by selecting Save from the Level menu.
You will then be asked to select a level number. If you select the highest number,
you will be writing a new level. Anything else will replace the previous level.
Selecting Close Editor will play the level you just edited.
If you make your own levels you should store them in there own file.
Then use the Load command to open the file.
When writing levels remember to set Hint and Difficulty from the menu.
Also, fill out the title and author fields.


[JEK] By Jim Kindley