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This page is a repository of help files and hints about playing Laser Tank.
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LaserTank data is organized into "Levels Collections" that consist, in general, of the following three files with a common root name:

1) Levels (.LVL) - Contains the: playfield definitions, names, hints, authors and difficulty codes of the levels in the collection.

2) Global High Scores (.GHS) - Contains the best high scores (numbers of moves and shots required to complete, and the "winner's" initials), as submitted to the LaserTank website administrator, for the levels in the collection.

3) (Local) High Scores (.HS) - Contains the user's high scores (numbers of moves and shots required to complete, and the user's initials) for the levels in the collection. This file is locally generated or modified by the LaserTank program when the user either: first completes, or beats the old high score of, a level in the collection.

The common root name of these files is the name of the collection. For example; the
LaserTank.lvl, LaserTank.ghs and LaserTank.hs files are for the "LaserTank" collection.

Why the LPB files are not available ?

The real goal of LaserTank is not to watch playback files,
but to solve the levels by yourself.
Using playback files will surely ruin your fun.
As soon as you solve a level by using a hint or a LPB file,
you lose forever the opportunity to feel the satisfaction
of having solved this level by your own efforts,
thus missing the experience of success.

LaserTank Solutions

This is a Blog about Lasertank Solutions.


An encyclopedia containing a lot of information
about LaserTank Game Data.
It's exciting, a must-see !

I strongly recommend to all players to study the two tutor levels files.
They'll give you the skill to solve almost all levels available on this web site.
Like what is discribed in many fantasy novels,
the lasertank world is also a magic world with some basic settings.
You are suggested to read these settings in tutor.lvl
when you meet a level that seems impossible to solve,
then you can also use magic like a wizard :-)
And of course, under these settings, things go logically and charmingly
to prove that lasertank is undoubtedly a best puzzle game.
Come on!

Trainings, Tutorials & Tricks

These are the basic training levels for new players who don't know the objects being used in the game.
The description and the basic uses of all game objects are covered in these levels.
The playback file of each level is also provided in this package, so the players can follow the right way to use the objects and to win the level.
The packet contains:
Game-Objects-in-LT.lvl and the Playbacks files.
Please read


16 Levels

English Version

French Version

Spanish Version

These tutorial levels are designed for complete beginners in LaserTank.
The packet contains:
Tutor-with-Playbacks.lvl, all the Playbacks files and the GHS file.
Please read



112 Levels

English Version

French Version

Spanish Version

This is a level file showing some tricks that are used in some of the levels.
If you are having problems with a level maybe there is a trick that you need to figure out.
Most of these tricks are actually bugs in the software, but I have left them in to make the game more exciting. Don't forget to read the hint in each level.
"undocumented" features - interesting phenomena - unexpected outcomes.
Please read


92 Levels
English Version
French Version

Spanish Version

 ------------------------- NEW -------------------------
These tutorial levels are designed to help you with Rotary Mirrors.
The packet contains:
Rotary Mirrors-Challenge.LVL and all the Playbacks files

Rotary Mirrors-Challenge.LVL

39 Levels

English Version

French Version

This level file contain some fun levels using the tricks from Tutor-with-Playbacks.lvl and tutor.lvl

Those levels are fun to wacth.
26 Levels
This level file contain 15 levels to learn the
Pono's trick "How not to break the thin-ice"

Those levels were created by Mau.
18 Levels

Hint files

These are levels files that show the level in various stages of completion.
You can use "Game,Open data file" to load these levels.
Then reload the "LaserTank.lvl" file, or the level file you were using,
or have two copies of LaserTank running, one with your level file and one with the hint file.

Level 40 - Down the Drain
This is still one of the hardest levels. It took me 4 hours to do this one.
Download the 2 level hint file


Level 149 - The 4 triangles

Download the 5 level hint file for this level


Level 173 - telekinesis

Download the 1 level hint file for this level


Level 179 - Being an inchworm...

Download the 1 level hint file for this level


[JEK] By Jim Kindley