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  • Universal LaserTank Javascript port of LaserTank: It can be run on all "modern" devices. Tested on an iPhone 5c (iOS 10), an iPhone SE (iOS 12), an Android phone, a Windows phone and a PC.
  • LaserTank-RE LaserTank-RE is a web and desktop version of the 1995 classic puzzle game LaserTank. This implementation is based on the original sources and includes all the quirks of the original game.
  • LaserTankpedia An encyclopedia containing a lot of information about LaserTank (It's exciting, a must-see)
  • wxLaserTank - wxWidgets conversion for Windows, Linux and Mac
  • This is a Blog about Lasertank Solutions.
  • Here are stored the archive of Lasertank Yahoo Group

[JEK] By Jim Kindley